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Tote Bag #2 Vertical Desert


Carry your belongings artfully with this canvas tote bag that features a handmade silkscreen print from the Los Angeles artist Melissa Manfull who reflects on the intense hiking she does in the different desserts of California. Inspired by the Saguaros of the Sonoran desert, this design draws from Art Deco motifs and is an ode to vertical water-challenged plants everywhere.

This tote is made as an edition of 20.

13 in stock


Design features:

  • Handmade Silkscreen print from the artist Melissa Manfull
  • Sturdy materials for a long life
  • Comfortable 1.5″ cotton belt



Weight:  195 g  /  6.9 oz

Dimensions: 43 cm × 40 cm  /  17″ × 15.7″

Volume: 15.5 L  /  945 in³



  • Silkscreen printed prewashed 100% canvas cotton
  • 1.5″ cotton belt



Shoulder strap length is approximately 63 cm  /  24.8″


Care and cleaning:

  • Wash tote bag cold and hang dry it.


🇺🇸 Designed and sewn in Los Angeles, CA